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Lyn Hudson Orbis Persians Cat Breeder Cardiff South Wales - Persian & Exotic Cats.

Lyn Hudson Orbis Persians Cardiff, South Wales - Persian & Exotic Cats

Pure Blue - Pure White - Dilute & Dominent Selfs - Blue Creams - Bi & Tri Colour Persians - Exotics

Lyn Hudson - Orbis Persians - Cardiff, South Wales

CC BOB & Best of Variety Adult Persian at the Merseyside Show

I have had a passion for Persian Cats for most of my life, as when I was born we had a fluffy domestic tabby and white pet cat. The fact that she was extremely bad-tempered never put me off, but it was not until 1983 that I bought my first pedigree Persian, a blue-cream. My prefix Orbis which followed was, I think, pre-destined for me as I had dreamed of it!

I specialise in pure blue and pure dilute pedigrees, and also breed beautiful whites and bi-colours. I have some unique pedigrees, including Fortina, one of the foremost pure blue pedigrees, courtesy of the late Nancy Lewis, and South Paw (American breeding) behind some of my cats, courtesy of Jenny Nicholas. I also still have a great great granddaughter of the very first Persian I every had.

I am a judge in the GCCF and also enjoy exhibiting, where I have had some successes in all colours, so I think I have the best of both worlds! I like both open faced and ultra Persians and judge according to the standard and the overall look of the cat. Every cat is different and unique and all have good and bad points, it is just a question of balance as long as there are no defects.

My cattery is spacious and my cats have the benefit of outdoors and inside accommodation, with trips around the garden when I am there. They are loved and wanted and every one is my pet, as I tend to keep my oldie neuters.

I have a fantastic family of two children, three step children, three grandchildren and three step grandchildren, besides my long-suffering husband Peter who is so supportive of me.

Along the way, I have met some wonderful people who have become friends, and owe a lot to friendship. Long may it continue and flourish.